Blanca Cabrera Benjumea was born in Seville, in 1985. A sensibility and appreciation for fashion, design or aesthetics has always been a part of her education, and even of her family environment. In June 2011, after an academic stay in Berlin, she obtains her Diploma in Fashion Design at the School of Art and Design in Valencia (EASDV); previously she had been a student at the University of Communication of Seville. She decides to stay one more year in the German capital, where she acquires experience in costume design for film, in the «Komische Oper» and in one of the most important costume funds in Europe: «Theaterkunst». Later, on her return to Spain, she works as a fashion designer for an important Spanish brand. In July 2016, she obtains the Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design. After spending some time working for a company specialized in professional clothing for flamenco dance, Blanca develops a line of clothing for a sustainable fashion brand. Then she works in a trend forecasting agency as an illustrator and in another fashion brand managing the production. She is teaching now.

Her experiences, as well as her academic training, have given her not only artistic and technical knowledge, but also theoretical knowledge related to the social, historical and cultural aspects of fashion, which has contributed to her particular vision of the trade.