This project stands for the insides of human beings, what we have been hiding during our race for progress. This inner part is a way to not only know ourselves better, but also to look at others. And this is not a quick process, it takes time and effort. The collection is divided into three series, forcing you to discover little by little the most personal side of human beings. The first serie hides, the second one insinuates and the last one shows. Through this development I want to express that we are not only reason but also a living being with an intuitive side, which can be carried away by impulses.

Each Autopsia’s serie is expressed through different resources: the first one with box pleats (to hyde), the second one with semitransparent pleats (to insinuate) and the last one with open pleats (to show). I have used organs as another resource in relation to the collection’s concept, which claims the instinctual side of the human being. Autopsia speaks about what we hide under our wall of reason, things that we don’t show so easily.


2009 | Photography: Piedad Bejarano & Jose Antonio Centeno | Video: Alfonso Camacho.

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