Two stories in Spanish written by me and illustrated with a garment. Or two garments illustrated by two stories in Spanish written by me:

Taking a dip

The blue curl wants to cool off as well. She’s still sunbathing. The towel is envious of her body’s moisture and starts to drape her, evolving into her bathing suit. The sand joins in, painting the scenery that surrounds them on the inside of the swimsuit, and therefore completing the garment.

Thank you for coming

The tablecloth chooses to overcome its boredom by covering the man’s body and turning itself into a jacket. He doesn’t remember much. He probably fell asleep on the table. The napkin dispenser notices the table linen’s antics and decides it no longer wants be shaped like a box. It starts to morph into buttons. It’s late, the bar is already closed. He’s still sleeping. The napkin also wants to take part in this game, but it feels no need to change. It doesn’t mind being a simple napkin. A few seconds before the man wakes up, it slips into his pocket. It is proud to give the bar’s most regular drunk the final touch to his new look: «thank you for coming».


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